About Us

A bit of history

Everything started in 1902, when Don Luis Nogaro opened his first little hotel in Argentina. His son, Roberto, followed his example, till opening 9 hotels in Argentina and 2 in Uruguay. The grand-sons, Roberto Luis and Mariana, and his grand grand son Wenceslao kept with the family’s tradition.

4 generations of hosts are working to make your stay unforgettable!!!

Today we are proud of presenting the first small charming hotel in Tamarindo La Ramona.It is an intimate, warm, peaceful and modern space, in the middle of Tamarindo, close to the sea but far from the noise.

The concept of «boutique hotel» is originally from Europe and is used to describe intimate, generally luxurious or unconventional hotels, located in old houses. Charming hotels also fits perfectly into this category.

Normally they are hotels with small dimensions and a unique architecture, full of personality with an unmatched sophistication designed to bring comfort to all visitors.

Travelers that enjoy these small charming hotels are ones that are not looking for a conventional 4 or 5 star hotels, but rather a personal, luxurious service similar to the comforts of being at home.

La Ramona Charming Hotelis a small hotel designed with an intimate atmosphere, situated in one of the most beautiful and quite neighborhoods in Tamarindo, located 6 blocks from the sea and 3 blocks away from the city center.

La Ramona has 5 beautiful rooms intimately finished with gardens. Guests have access to our pool, a huge terrace with a solarium and a barbecue. Breakfast is included with your stay and you can enjoy free wifi access in every room and in the common areas and laundry service.

Lets Go Travel

Founded in 2006, Dwellom was established by driven, dynamic, and innovative individuals who banded together.

Within five years of business operations, we have expanded Dwellom was and opened up three other subsidiary offices to focus on the various needs of our customers. After just two years in the business, Journez was presented with two valuable awards – the US Travel Excellence Award 2013.
In addition, the travel agency has gone through the year-long Customer- Centric Initiative (CCI) program and successfully attained the US Service Class certification.
We offer plenty of destinations, including Europe, USA, and Exotic long haul tours, making it professional to provide better service.